The shipping cost by DHL (inlcuding german VAT) for Germany are:

up to 12 kg 7,00 EUR (1 package)
up to 25 kg 8,33 EUR (1 package)
up to 50 kg 16,66 EUR (2 packages)
up to 75 kg 24,99 EUR (3 packages)
up to 100 kg 33,32 EUR (4 packages)

Shipping cost by DHL (incl. VAT) to the european countries Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Austria cost 21,42 per package (max. 25kg per package).

For certain Postal-Code-Areas in Germany as well as in the above listed european countries there are surcharges (Remote Area) depending on the postal code.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.