About Us

ExTrade is the Master Distributor for the German-speaking market in Europe since 1997. Supported by a steady growing group of resellers, we develop the market of industrial customers for the US based chemical company Sunshine Makers Inc., who is known as an environmental leader on the US market.


Because of the special formula, their environmentally and material friendly qualities, as well as the extraordinary cleaning effects, Simple Green products can be used for an extremely broad spectrum of applications.


Over the years, we were able to offer various alternative, modern and environmentally friendly solutions to many customers, in order to meet new legal regulations (VOC-Restrictions etc.).


Today, we are not only working in the classical areas of commercial and industrial cleaning, from food to heavy industry, but we also offer solutions for the complete spectrum of "near-process" and process integrated  cleaning systems.


In cooperation with specialized engineers and industrial production and facility manufacturers, we are able to offer exceptional long term solutions for the whole spectrum of tasks in the area of industrial parts cleaning and surface treatment.   


We will continue to expand our spectrum of services and products to meet the needs of our present and future customers. We will keep you posted on the development of new products on our website.