Water Treatment for Circulatory Systems

Modern surfactant based cleaner are only on e puzzle piece when it comes to complying with the increased environmental and solvent regulations. Modern water treatment and circulatory systems allow the multiple use of a cleaning solution, instead of a generic one time use and loss application. That way great amounts of waste and cleaner can be saved.

 One of our partners, SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH, has provided us with documents and pictures, so wen can present more information about the technical side of surface pre-treatment. SLF is specialized on building industrial plants and equipment with a special focus on Surface Technology, Painting and Coating. The are known for high quality equipment for pre-treatment before coating, abrasive blasting, pressured air equipment, conveyor systems and kilns.

To guarantee good paint adhesion, especially with modern water based paints, the surface must be exceptionally clean of grease, grime, oil and dirt. If the parts have the same size and geometry, automated cleaning with pressure nozzles is possible. If size and geometry of the parts changes, or if the parts are bulky or oversize,  a cleaning cabin and manual pressure washing is the optimal solution.

If you have any questions regarding Surface Technology, equipment or applications, please feel free to contact us. We will help you with any questions you might have and put you into contact with SLF if needed. You can reach us Monday till Friday from 8am till 5pm (CET) under +49 2243 911280.