ExTrade Trapp u. Partner GmbH
Your Partner for Surface Technology

The ExTrade Trapp u. Partner GmbH has been the Simple Green Master Distributor in Germany for over 15 years. Because of our great experience with various applications and products we are now also responsible for a few other countries: Austria, Swiss, Belgium, Netherland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg. Over the years, in cooperation with our customers and partners, we have expanded our product portfolio. It also includes specialized products for various industrial applications. This includes Surface Technology, parts cleaning, MRO and generic cleaning applications.


Thanks to reliable and unique brand of Simple Green cleaners, which excel in a multitude of applications and our partners for cleaning equipment and industrial plants, we were able to solve problems for our customers, which other could not. We managed the transition to water based surfactant cleaners and reduced the VOC emission in the process. Modern circulatory cleaning systems, in combination with water based surfactant cleaners, are the optimal solution for surface pre-treatment applications, the cleaning of parts with high pressure  cleaners and other washing methods. The rinse-free process, enabled by Extreme Simple Green cleaners, speeds up the workflow significantly. Additionally the VOC emission is reduced, which improves work safety and protects the environment.


Over the past 15 years we were able to gain experience in many industrial projects. This experience is at the disposal of our customers. We will guide you through the transition from old outdated cleaning methods, to the modern methods, with proper equipment. We will not only be at your side from planning until the new installation is put into operation. We will also stay as your partner during the use of our product. We will measure various cleaning bath values and ensure constant quality. Many customers require immediate solutions to reduce VOC emission and do not have the time until the new cleaning both with high pressure washers or parts cleaner are ready. We can provide special temporary solutions that can be used immediately without big troubles.


If you have questions regarding Surface Technology, product applications or our services, please contact us via the contact sheet, call us or send us an email.