Crystal Simple Green

Crystal Simple Green® is formulated for critical cleaning applications that demand a fragrance-free solution. It is a highly effective, concentrated, all-purpose degreaser and cleaner. Because Crystal Simple Green is fragrance-free, color-free and has high rinsibility, it is an ideal and effective degreaser/cleaner for use in many industries.

  • Readily biodegradeable
  • Non-flammable
  • Rinses residue-free (<10ppm)
  • Economical Concentrate
  • Safe for the entry in oil-seperators
  • NSF-Listed in the Nonfood Compounds Program (A1, A2, A4, A8, B1, C1, #145909)

Where to use

  • Engines, vehicles and machines
  • Vents and counters
  • HVACR and heat-exchanger
  • Partscleaners, diptanks, steam sleaners and pressure washer
  • MRO of production equipment
  • Cool- and storageroom, container
  • Laboratories
  • Generic cleaning applications like f.e. floor and wall cleaning